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Architecte d'intérieur féminin

Unlocking Global Opportunities​

Our Story

Creating a space where women, regardless of nationality, can connect may expand the possibilities in business and entrepreneurship.


This vision gave birth to "WE ARE JUKA."

"JU" signifies fulfillment, and "KA" means to shine in Japanese.


We aim to live lives that are both fulfilling and radiant, true to ourselves.

Through "WE ARE JUKA," we champion the concept of women maintaining their authenticity while thriving and shining brightly.

By facilitating collaborations with entrepreneurs and creative leaders from various countries, we host seminars, workshops, and events that encourage easy interaction and mutual growth between Japanese entrepreneurs and their global counterparts.

"WE ARE JUKA" is a global network for women entrepreneurs where women from all over the world can connect comfortably and freely, fostering a sense of security and community.


Every participant is the star of the show. Our community is a gathering place for women who are serious about wanting to achieve something, without being confined by age or nationality.

It's a community where 100 individuals can interact in 100 different ways, freely and safely, regardless of nationality.

Whether you're browsing information and posts, participating in events, serving as a community ambassador, organizing events, or showcasing your talents, there's a place for you here.

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We place great emphasis on living together and fostering understanding across nationalities and cultures.


By bringing together people from different backgrounds and respecting each other's differences, we build a richer, more inclusive community.


We are committed to fostering entrepreneurship through innovative thinking and action.

We strengthen creativity, leadership, and risk management skills to maximize business potential.


Share knowledge and experience from around the world through connections with international entrepreneurs. We provide opportunities to create cross-border collaborations and business opportunities and expand your global perspective.




Headshot of a Woman
Know who I am and live my life.

​ Build your own career for women through career consultants.

Warrior One
​Promoting women's health literacy

It's okay to be who you are. A place where you can listen to the voices of your body and heart and return to your true self.

A woman looking out of window
Thinking about menopause from the perspective of medicinal cuisine​

Addressing women's physical problems from the perspective of medicinal therapy



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