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Meet Inspiring Women Who Transformed Their Lives by Switching Careers 

Chika Tamura

Leading the Next Generation of the Japanese Tea Industry

Traditional Tea House - Kanroen

CEO, Chika Tamura

​Ema Beaulieu

Transitioning from a professional swimmer to working at a major telecommunications company, now supporting people's minds and bodies as a Wellness Coach

Yumiko Shikama

Exhausted from being a small part of a corporate scheme and at the mercy of the company, this sparked the realization of a long-held dream to open a bar restaurant.

Christel Rankstos

"Despite having a career, personal happiness was missing!"

Letting go of all prior career achievements and diving into rigorous learning from the ground up!

Transitioning from a construction company employee to an elite chocolatier ♡

Megumi Kitano

From her debut in 1982 until her retirement in 1989, she swept the world as the first idol strip dancer. 'Madoka Mika' transformed from a dazzling star to 'Mama'

​Marie Bourion

While running a major corporate training company, decided to realize a dream from the 20s! Began training to become a painter in the 40s.

Hikaru Sugimoto

"The brand 'Adelia Retro' series of printed glassware, hugely popular for its 'Showa Retro' style!

What is the second life of the skilled designer who handled its revival, and how do they approach their work?


​ Natsuki Kirimoto

In the current Reiwa era, creating a major movement with its 'Showa Retro' style,

The 'Adelia Retro' series!

What is the work-life balance of the mastermind who captured the hearts of numerous fans through fan marketing?


Natsuki Kirimoto

Aimi Yotsuji

Ainu Embroidery Artist,Aimi Yotsuji embraces the art of Ainu embroidery, driven by a desire to share its special culture of northern Japan, characterized by its unique language, traditional crafts,music, and rituals. She continues the creative journey, honoring the culture while infusing their own unique style and dedication.

Misaki Ishiwata

Meet the Multi-Talented Artist: A Trumpeter, Vocalist, and Bead Embroidery Expert.

Celebrating a joyous individual who embraces diverse forms of creativity and expression ♡

Discover the inspiration behind their artistic endeavors.

Naoko Kita

Introducing Nao Kita: A Trailblazing Expert in Women's Health Literacy, Esteemed NPO Director, and Innovator

Nao Kita, the CEO of Jokone Corporation, exemplifies leadership and versatility across multiple domains.

Aki Ogata

Introducing Aki Ogata from Henkel Japan Co., Ltd.'s Beauty Care Division, actively working in PR and spreading the magic that 'Bleach Can Save Lives!' and brings positivity through hair color.

​From the right

Eri Sugita

Wakana Oshio

Kumano Amane

Exploring the 'Menstrual Issues' Faced by Women: Insights from the MeW Project.

Interview with core members Eri Sugita, Wakana Kosho, and Amane Kumano, delving into their perspectives and experiences.

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